Dismal show by government schools, BC residential institutes fare better

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HYDERABAD: Like every year, the pass percentage of government schools was the poorest among all categories of schools in the State, in the SSC examination results released on Monday.The overall pass percentage of the 24,545 students who gave the SSC exam this year from government schools is 84.38 percent, which means that around 3,834 students could not pass the exam.

Same is the case with Ashram schools that are run by the Tribal welfare department.The schools, even though have less number of students, are not well managed. Of the 9,664 students of Ashram schools, 8,358 students passed the exam.The Zilla Parishad schools fared better with 91.26 pass percentage. Of the 1.76 lakh students of the ZP schools who gave the exam, 1.61 lakh passed the examination.
Government-run residential schools have the best percentage among all.

However, these schools, apart from being better-funded and equipped than the government schools, also have low number of students enrolled with them. The highest pass percentage of 98.78 percent is of the BC welfare residential schools, which have the lowest number of students who gave the SSC exam among all categories of schools, just 902. The other residential schools have also fared well.

The pass percentage of social welfare residential school, tribal welfare residential school, KGBV, model schools and general residential schools is 96.56 percent, 93.9 percent, 95.07 percent, 98.45 percent and 98.54 percent respectively.

Pvt schools outshine govt schools

Private schools fared better than the govt schools. The pass percentage of private schools is 93.65. Of the 2.3 lakh students, 2.21 lakh passed. On the other hand, the highest pass percentage of 98.78 percent is of the BC welfare residential schools


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