Fire department sets fire safety guidelines for coaching institutes in Allahabad

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ALLAHABAD: Surat fire tragedy seems to have finally pushed district fire authorities to set fire safety guidelines for coaching centres in the city. So far, there were no guidelines for the coaching centres and they were categorized as education institutes but even then no checks were kept.
Officials of fire department said that coaching institute authorities have been given 10 days time for the installation of advanced firefighting equipment’s as well as train their staff to deal with firefighting equipment’s in case of any emergency. After finalizing the rules and requirements, authorities concerned have been candidly asked to keep requirements while running coaching centres.

As per the guidelines, coaching centres will have to install advanced fire extinguishers ( relying on area size), hose reel at every block ( in case of multi-storied building), at least 10,000 litre water capacity tank etc. The fire extinguisher can be used to douse off fire involving paper, wooden and plastic materials, flammable liquids like petrol and spirit and electrical equipment.
If the area of classrooms will increase, the capacity of fire extinguisher will also have to be increased accordingly. The centre owners will also have to install emergency alarms or bells that can alert the students and other occupants inside the classrooms. Glowing ‘Exit’ signs will also have to be placed to guide occupants in case of emergency. Apart from this, proper ventilation facility and two doors are also necessary requirements.
Station fire officer SL Gupta said, “ Majority of coaching centres have no idea about latest and advanced firefighting equipment’s as well as basic safety tips that are helpful to check fire incidences and are the basic requirements to run coaching class.
It is suggested, if the coaching centres have bigger classes with air-conditioners and high-end furniture like revolving chairs, officials have advised for the installation of smoke detectors and water sprinklers,”.
Meanwhile, chief fire officer (Allahabad) RS Mishra interacted with owners of coaching institutes, hostel and hotel owners during a workshop and said every individual must know the precautionary measures and fire safety tips to deal with the fire incidences.
He said authorities must make sure that everything from smoke alarms, fire alarms and the public address system, to water hydrants and fire extinguishers’ in place should be in working condition and there should be regular checks/exercise. Besides, there should also be fire drills in every six months.
He also said that prevention is always better and smarter and if you are caught in smoke, cover your mouths and nose with a wet cloth.


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