There is college scholarship money out there for Latino students, but do they know?

Latinos are enrolling in college in record numbers, but one of the biggest hurdles is the cost of higher education.

November is National Scholarship month, a fact that many Latino students are not capitalizing on because they don’t know about the opportunities that are out there.

“There is a limited awareness that these resources are available,” said Deborah Santiago, vice president for Policy and Research at Excelencia in Education, an organization that analyzes ways to increase Latino college completion. “It does require some effort to get essays for scholarships and things of that nature.”

Maria Fernanda Trochimezuk is a spokesperson for TFS (Tuition Funding Sources) Scholarships, an online resource for higher education funding that provides free access to scholarship information.

Latinos “are unaware of this scholarship database,” said Trochimezuk. “It’s a shame; we have 7 million scholarships and $41 billion in aid,” she said, explaining that students should definitely apply for scholarships in addition to financial aid

Image: Bill Powers


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